Mister Transmission Mississauga (Dixie) is your transmission repair, transmission service and transmission diagnostic specialist. We are experts in complete transmission repairs and transmission services in Mississauga. With the latest in full computer diagnostics, we provide new and rebuilt transmissions for all makes and models including standard, automatic and CVTs. Serving Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke and the GTA.

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Karim Nensi - May, 2019

John and his team are amazing and provide excellent customer service! They take the time to explain in detail the issues and only recommend doing the work that is required. If you want an honest and trustworthy group of mechanics, these are the people I would highly recommend. You will not find a better place to take your car.

Laith A. - April, 2019

Great service, knowledgeable and friendly staff.. Thanks John!

Otis Smarti - April, 2019

So I noticed that after one bad shift (cause I'm so amazing at paying attention. And no, its not street) my transmission, which just so happens to be everyone's favorite the CVT, wasn't driving like it use to. I got scared because I know I was out of warranty at the Nissan Dealership down the street. Being a student and broke all the time doesn't help me much but getting a free diagnostic done sounds fantastic. Luckily enough the car was still driveable and they gave me the run down of it. Codes that I've never seen before and didn't expect so many. I mean I was just at my mechanics a few days ago. WTH?! They recommended a solution and was very honest dealing with me. I'm going back to resolve this issue as soon as I have some dollar bills. I think I'm even lucky enough to find a CVT expert at this location that can fix my poor car. I look forward to dealing with them and finishing what was started in the near future. Thank you everyone at that location.

Thabit Alnahdi - April, 2019

They are great, they provide excellent services. Clean and fast. They check the car before doing anything to it than they tell you what's going on with your car and what you need to do on it. They are professional.

Allison B. - March, 2019

Amazing! Finding a company that is trustworthy these days is rare. Being a female knowing very little cars, they were more than happy to take the time to help me understand what was going on with my transmission. I can't thank the staff and owners enough for their honest, caring service that came with a smile. 100% recommend them!

Amjad Mousa - February, 2019

I talked to John over the phone about my Nissan Sentra. He asked me to come for free diagnostics. He and his team was very honest and knowledgeable. He really provide a good advice to customers. Thank you John and the team.

gitterplayr - December, 2018

My 2003 Acura TLX finally succumbed to transmission failure. The highly experienced Mr. Transmission crew at the Dixie location did a professional repair and I am very thankful. They are communicative and I felt that I was aware of all the issues and pricing involved at all times. Highly recommend if you find yourself with transmission issues.

J Furtal - October, 2018

Mister Transmission was great! I took my 2006 Honda Civic Coupe in for a clutch replacement earlier this month and Mister Transmission did an amazing job on the car! It drives like new and John provided me with great customer service. I highly recommend this shop for all your transmission needs :)

Kevin Cook - October, 2018

I started having issues with my car recently but I didn't want to spend any money on it since it's 10 years old. I decided to stop in to the Mr. Transmission near my house and I spoke to John and his team. They reassured me that they would give me an honest diagnosis and advice. I knew my transmission was on it's last legs and the guys at the shop confirmed my fears. They presented me a number of options and helped me weigh the pros and cons of each. In the end I decided to keep the car and replace the transmission. Thanks guys for taking care of me - Kevin

Jacqueline Smyth - October, 2018

Great service and honest advice. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Charlene - August, 2018

Unbeatable 10 STAR Professional Service
Thanks to John's good listening skills, Gonzalo's personal touch and Ismond's superior mechanical skills I will always bring my vehicles here as well as tell all of my family, friends and clients to do the same.

Rockett Man - August, 2018

Highly recommended. Excellent management at this shop. If you have questions about your transmission, drop in for a visit and ask for John. He's a true gentleman.

Andrew Markudis - July, 2018

I was referred to this location by my regular mechanic when he discovered that the task at hand would require a transmission specialist. Prior to my visit I did my due diligence and researched both the company and this location for both reviews and testimonials. Once I was satisfied I dropped off my vehicle and hoped for the best. This was June 6th. Unfortunately for me I needed a transmission rebuild. Part sourcing took approximately 2-3 days while the repair itself took almost 10. I was finally able to pick up my vehicle on June 22nd. Personally, I feel that the repair lasted longer then it should of, however - and I'm sure anyone will agree with me - at the end of the day I would rather wait longer to ensure no mistakes have been made given how complex a system the transmission is. This all brings us to the manager John who was more then accommodating; not only was he upfront with the issues delaying the repair but he was also able to cover part of my car rental for the inconvenience. My experience with him is the reason why I'm leaving a perfect 5/5 (and that my car works just as good as new).

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